Full Fat Audio is an independent British company, started in 2003, whose activity involves the design and manufacture of high-performance amplifiers for audio professionals. Distributed throughout the world for use in numerous sound installations, from big live music festivals, clubs and theatres to places of worship, their amplifiers deliver an exceptional performance. Powerful and effective, their dynamic amplification solutions are innovative and reliable, their equipment relentlessly working at full capacity to provide the most intense listening experience.
Part of the reputation of the brand is definitely linked to the fact that it is often used in very powerful settings, however, the equipment also shows great finesse in quieter environments.

-- Listening carefully to the market; finding effective solutions

Along with their great price/quality ratio, one of their greatest strengths lies in their awareness of their customers’ needs. It should be mentioned that the founder, Dave Millard, keeps in regular contact with users, as do the rest of the team, something that enables them to create and develop useful and effective solutions.

Thus their power amplifiers genuinely work at 2 ohms, without reducing the quality, which is quite unique in the marketplace. A healthy competitive advantage, since it’s not necessary to buy as many amplifiers when theirs can feed more speakers! Note too that their bass amp, producing up to 5000 Watts at 2 ohms, offers headroom, even on the largest of subwoofers.

Another interesting initiative is their DSP (Digital Sound Processor) platform, which offers options that can make a real difference, such as DSP bypass modes for example. For complicated installations, the VCA (voltage controlled amplifier) enables the use of multiple zones, whilst being less expensive and offering an infinite number of possibilities. The control of amplifiers over an Ethernet network, via their IP addresses, is another example. Thanks to its sheer simplicity, it’s no longer necessary to buy extra, expensive network accessories. The amplifiers instantly connect to the building’s internal Wi-Fi network and the free control software finds them automatically. The system is set up immediately!

FFA is a reliable, inventive company that pays great attention to quality at every stage of the design and manufacturing process, all of which takes place on British soil!