Formula Sound Limited started out over 35 years ago in the UK town of Stockport, created from the vision and experience of its founders, Tony and Sandra Cockell. Initially, Formula Sound produced custom built systems and one-off specials for a wide range of clients, but it soon became clear that there was a requirement for professional studio or broadcast quality sound equipment within the leisure arena.

Today, Formula Sound has offices in London and a manufacturing facility in Oldham. The company has become a leading designer and manufacturer of analogue mixing desks for live sound, permanent installation, DJs, broadcast and recording studios. It prides itself on the quality of its products and the ongoing service it provides to customers.

Formula Sound produces a wide range of mixer and audio processing circuitry which maintain traditional pro-audio build quality and values. Many of their products are not available from any other manufacturer and their unique range of volume & noise level controllers are considered to be real problem solvers.

They do not batch test their products – each and every one is individually assembled and tested in the UK. Equally, high quality connectors and faders, along with traditional through-hole circuit board designs, make their products sound great and stay extremely reliable and easily serviceable.

All Formula Sound products continue to be fully designed and built in the UK and, in addition to the ‘off the shelf’ range of products, the company offers a bespoke audio equipment design and build option and an aftersales service that is second to none.