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Commercial spaces and shopping centres

Commercial spaces, large or small, need to create an agreeable ambiance, conducive to browsing the merchandise, with a clear or discreet sound that accompanies the purchasing process.

Sensory marketing, which is currently very much in vogue, requires that none of the senses be neglected. This concept fits in perfectly with the Solution One’s philosophy. We believe that good quality sound is important for our wellbeing and we strive to respect our hearing at all times.

We are therefore convinced that a good sound system means that your clients will enjoy a better shopping experience. A “good sound” can change the whole atmosphere of a commercial space. The tone of the music is improved, tracks are chosen for their feel-good factor and to energise the customers, the sound is pure and balanced, equally audible throughout and the PA announcements are agreeable to listen to.

Thanks to our wide range of audio products and our sound system expertise, Solution One can recommend equipment suitable for use in all types of buildings, whatever their individual characteristics and limitations. The result is a good-sounding space, with differentiated areas if required, and above all, a customer base that will develop naturally in a comfortable and pleasant sonic environment.