About us

Who are we?

Solution One distributes professional audio equipment manufactured by British brands, Funktion One, Full Fat Audio, Linea Research, Formula Sound and NST Audio. We are also resellers of Cadac.
We work in 8 countries: France, Belgium, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Angola and Mozambique.
Founded in 2010, our company was born from our extensive experience in the audio field. Passionate sound-lovers, two of our associates have been involved in event planning and organisation for nearly 25 years, including everything from formal corporate functions and the underground scene to major music festivals. Working with artists who insist on a flawless rendition of their music, Solution One creates superb audio experiences whatever the technical difficulties: a live show taking place in a Gallo-Roman arena, a concert performed under a high, cathedral-like glass dome or a festival held in a huge open space with multiple stages.
Solution One therefore completely understands the problems faced by integrators, installers and contractors. In fact, we know your needs and your requirements because we’ve been in your position ourselves. This enables us to respond to your needs with a real team spirit, starting from the moment you make contact.
Finally, our third partner’s specialist knowledge of the export market, gained from his twenty years experience with a major music publisher in the UK, complements our dream team. His expert knowledge of export mechanisms is essential when you need enormous sound systems in faraway places in a hurry! This guarantees that everything will be done correctly, with no extra costs, easily and efficiently.

Our mission

Our mission is to assist and accompany you as you plan your audio systems, so that you will be able to provide exceptional sound environments in both permanent and mobile environments. The equipment we have chosen for this, all designed and manufactured with care in Great Britain, is from two remarkable professional audio brands: Funktion One and Full Fat Audio. From the minute you get in touch, we are committed to giving you only the very best advice: we will guide you towards the most suitable systems for your projects, offer you preliminary studies, train you in the optimum use of your chosen equipment and, of course, we will ensure monitoring and technical support should it be necessary. Absolutely convinced that sound must be an alliance between technique and emotion, we put not only our expertise but also our hearts at your service.

Our philosophy

Your projects vary enormously, we know.
To meet these diverse needs, we start to work specifically for you, with no commitment on your part, as soon as you contact us. We give you the very best advice we can offer and you are then completely free to choose if you’d like to continue working with us. No matter what you decide, we will have given you our expert opinion on the most appropriate solutions for your project, whatever it might involve.
This is why we always suggest preliminary studies. And if your permanent or mobile system plans stray completely off the beaten path, our in-house design team can help you with studies of an unparalleled level of precision, by taking into account the acoustics of the venues as well as the purely technical requirements that they entail.
We also want to ensure that you can take full advantage of your chosen equipment. We therefore train you to use it so that you can master all the possibilities, all the finer touches. If you wish, we can also offer you wider theoretical and practical training programs in our fully equipped in house training facility.
Lastly, we follow the installation step by step, after which we offer you any technical support you might need in the (very unlikely) event that you have a technical problem with our equipment.
We do all of this because we like to form lasting relationships with each and every one of you. For us, the trust that our customers place in us, and their loyalty, is vital. It’s why we strive continuously to keep it!

Our network

In all of the countries where Solution One distributes Funktion One, Full Fat Audio, Formula Sound, NST Audio or resells Cadac, integrators, installers and equipment hire companies work with our equipment on a daily basis, creating outstanding permanent or mobile sound systems.
If you would like to install a sound system in a building or an open space, however unusual, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can put you in touch with the best qualified expert in your local area.
If you are an integrator, installer or you hire out equipment yourself, you too are welcome to contact us. We are always happy to discuss new partnerships with dedicated, sound-loving professionals just like us! Call us or write to us, so that we can get to know each other better.

Solution One
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Contact: Chris Hawkes

Tel: 04 67 55 84 85

Email: fr@s1-audio.com